why us

Why us?

When all goes down in flames.
When the fan was finally hit.
Look around...
Are your "Advisors" still there?

If "yes" - then these are real bankers.

Addressing the elephant in a room full of bankers


Corporate finance has not evolved for decades.
Slavery to 'multiples' and financials numbers-game as means to 'evaluate' company potential have gone bankrupt long ago.

Companies are multidimensional. Potential unicorns are identified out of a multi-faceted vision. If corporate finance industry does not evolve we will miss-out on plenty of life-changing unicorns.

A-Labs fights dogmatic financing

We do not accept the legacy ways of corporate analysis. We evaluate companies differently. It is never about the numbers. Financials are the 'Result', never the 'Essence'.

A-Labs fights the lack of creativity

Narcotics Anonymous (not Einstein BTW), said that insanity means repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results.

We say they are wrong. It is not 'Insanity' -
it's simply the lack of creativity.

We bank different

We seek ingenuity and execution.

Dreams are a must, but the entire point of a unicorn is the ability to take those magic dreams and bring them to us mere humans to use in our daily lives.

An ingenious management with a flexible mindset and exceptional execution powers in their blood can accomplish anything.

and we stay with you even when it all goes terribly wrong

we are the dog
in this analogy

Markets tumble, clients leave, investors disappoint and shear bad luck happens. Even the best of companies go through multiple cycles.

We are very careful about our engagements with new clients. But when do engage, it is a strong commitment on our side ...

If we believe in you,
we remain at your side
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health,
for better and for worse,
until corporate death do us part.

Not empty words or hype.
Ask any of our clients.