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This cat riding on this dog is photographed just minutes before the dog decided he doesn't want to be ridden...

360 M&A 

How do hedgehogs mate?
Very carefully.

This very much sums up the approach we take to M&A.

Finding the right companies to buy or to be bought by is not trivial. You may find yourself wasting 12 months on a relationship that was never right to begin with.

We work the 'hit list' provided to us by our customers in a different way. We take it to the personal level, "who is going to be on the other side?". This makes all the difference.

Our different approach

The "Give" vs. "Take" analysis

99% of M&A thought processes circles around "what can we gain from this acquisition or sale". This school of reasoning has proven to be catastrophically wrong.

The creation of value from M&A has to start from a "what can I contribute?" question. The biggest value creators in history came with this methodology as their core strategic guidance.

The acquisition of NeXT in 1997 for a $404 million gave Apple the greatest generation of shareholder value in corporate history.

The acquisition of Android for (what today seems almost for free) a $50 million in 2005 gave Google the single largest market share in smartphone operating systems.

Warren Buffett’s staged acquisition of GEICO from 1951 to 1996 created the Berkshire Hathaway’s base asset for the empire it has become.

All these were M&As coming from a "Give" approach where the parties sought to contribute to the deal rather than only take from it.

We did not invent this approach, but we are very good in implementing it.

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