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The Devil is not in the details.
WE are.

It is always about the people

Our management team

Doron Cohen

Managing Partner & CEO

Over 20 years of everything. A VP Biz Dev in an $8 Billion, FTSE 250 public company, IPOs, M&As, a CEO of 6 different companies, many failures, many successes, one good marriage, many questionable kids. Speaks fluent English, French and "Israel"i.

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Roni Liberman

Managing Partner

Technology, 20 years of product management and product marketing, platform design, hardcore R&D, mega systems design and launch, mega-business failures in a few startups, succeeded in others, and with the wife and kids (Baruch HaShem), consulted many companies to success.

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Noah Hershcoviz

Managing Partner

Ex E&Y M&A division. Cross-border acquisitions, private equity deals ($600 million worth), International structured-debt transactions, failed a lot and succeeded well. A chartered accountant (CPA), a husband, a father, lives in seat 13B.

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Carmit Stav

Head of Enterprise & IT Sector

Adrenaline junky with over 20 years of experience in the High-tech industry. Formerly COO and VP Product at Groupon Global and Director of Project Management and Pre-sales at an $8 Billion company. A tech-savvy with cross-border Product, R&D, Analytics, Enterprise, and trendy footwear superpowers. Champion of juggling multi-billion dollar budgets, with her eyes closed.

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Eyal Gicelter

Managing Partner & CEO, A-Labs Real Estate

Married, proud father of four. In parallel - more than 20 years of Real-Estate experience, managed more than €2 Billion worth of assets across Europe, founded and managed the largest urban renewal fund in Israel with over 1 billion NIS of assets, specialized in governmental financial structures in Eastern Europe.

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Yossi Shemesh


Experienced CFO with 3 decades of financial advisory, IPOs, accounting, and zero discounting. Capital markets know-it-all, Executive Director, strategic consultant, and a hopeless Man United fan. Won't touch anything below a $Billion. In short, Vini Vidi Vici.

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Raviv Pablo


BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion, Intel in Santa Clara, ECI, a COO by birthright, deep tech, IT, complex systems, and the lot of it. In short, 24 years of mega good and bad experience to share, easily the smartest guy in the room (but being nice about it).

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Ronen Shtainkort

VP Investment Banking

A uniquely talented human. With 12 years of experience in the high-tech arena as the founder of companies, investment banker, and commercial lawyer. Ronen consulted and assisted in analyzing hundreds of companies and has the ability to make deals happen. He holds a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) and a B.A. in economics with a substantial vinyl records collection and a strong affinity for surfing.

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Anton Oz

Art Director

An experienced Art Director that can easily transform thin air into art. Out of the box visioner that stays within the (time)lines. Master of UX/UI, 3D modeling, and parenting. Lives a block away from the office and we all envy him for that.

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Floryne Cohen

Head of Design

Moving between many years in a FTSE 250 high-tech company and a multi-national real-estate giant, Floryne leaves her mark with exquisite designs, branding and inspiring art across many industries, interior spaces, and people.

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Ofek Eldadi

Head of Research

An ex-captain in an elite IDF unit and our hunter-gatherer of economic and business data. Ofek analyzes complex data structures, transforming them into building blocks of our customers' strategic and hands-on services. When he finally completes his work in the office, he begins his daily workout as a professional Cross-Fit athlete. Respect.

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Merav Margolin

Executive PA to the CEO

Consultant, brand manager, and customer relations specialist. Independent woman part 1. Founder and Director of a personal coaching empire with diverse global management experience. Independent woman part 2. Orchestrated 4 relocations, 16 houses in 10 years, and 3 children. A true Charlie's angel...

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Lior Darel

Business Development & Sales Manager

Over 20 years of experience in establishing global sales and distribution systems from the ground up. Held a CEO position in several companies and was a lead singer in several rock bands. Bachelor of Law (LLB) and BA in Business administration. Happily married to a devout vegan but dreams of electric sheep.

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Elizabeth Tipping

Investment Sales Back Office

A Venture Capital and private equity Executive Administrator. Born in Sri-Lanka, raised in GB, ended up in Israel. Our own in-house "English rose" with a Billion years of experience managing due diligence, financial and budgeting processes. Worked at Genesis Partners, XML International, Yellow Brick Capital Advisors, FIBI and you name it. Above all, loves her daughter Alona.

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Hilla Naim

Project Manager

Former VP Clinical Affairs at Illumigyn and PMO at Nacre Capital. Can champion anything from project management, biz-dev, yoga and legal advisory (LLB). African born, (mis)educated by the Brits, lived all over East Africa, climbed Mount Kenya. Married with 2 gorgeous kids. Because it's all about the base.

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Noam Yalin

Investor Relations Manager

30 years of IR experience. Master of the holy public market, brokerage, financial journalist, sea addict, and advisor to publically traded giants as UroGen and Perrigo. As the tribal’s elder, don’t hesitate to get his advice.

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Itay Sagie

Head of M&A

Father of three and M&A pro, Itay sports a guitar background as his cool factor. An IESE MBA grad and ex-MIT biotech researcher, he's navigated from VC to tech entrepreneurship (with varied success) to major M&A deals, treating each company's sale as a pivotal entrepreneurial moment.

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Inbar Shoshan

Head of Finance

Our financial maestro with over a decade of experience in the financial management for top-tier companies. Graduated with honors in Management and Economics. Inbar is our powerhouse of precision, maintaining ironclad controls and never backing down until the job is done to perfection. A titan in the boardroom and a relentless force in finance, Inbar ensures every number tells a story of success

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Dor Deviri

Head of PR & Investors Relations

An EX-Navy Commander who decided to change careers. Having an MA in Philosophy and an unexplainable passion for Spinoza, he transforms abstract thoughts into concrete words and builds content strategies for any need. He is also a self-taught financial blogger who has invested in two children and one wife. So far.

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Alexander Kersting

Head of investment Germany

30 years experience in private equity and corporate finance, Alex is a member of the supervisory board of several private and listed companies, he has supported M&A deals and IPOs with an aggregate volume of over €5 bn.

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